Appointment of Robert A. Kerstein as Executive Vice-President and Chief Financial Officer

ST. LOUIS, MO.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Feb. 12, 1998--Angel Technologies Corp., developer of the HALO(tm) Network, a high capacity wireless metropolitan area network, announced the appointment of Robert A. Kerstein as Executive Vice-President and Chief Financial Officer. Mr. Kerstein is an original founder of Angel Technologies and has served as a Director of the company since 1995. He will now be responsible for all financial and accounting activities of the company.

Kerstein has more than 18 years experience in the communication and entertainment industries including Cellular, Satellite Communications, Internet Development, Cable TV, Motion Pictures and Professional Sports.  He is also the founder of Encyberpedia, an award winning Internet reference informational website.

Senior positions held by Kerstein include Cellular Chief Financial Officer at McCaw Cellular Corporation, Chief Financial Officer at American Mobile Satellite Corporation (Nasdaq:SKYC), Chief Financial Officer at Falcon Cable TV Senior Vice President and Director of Financial Reporting at Warner Brothers and Chief Information officer at Orca Bay Sports and Entertainment (owners of the Vancouver Canucks and Grizzlies).

"Bob's extensive work in the cellular, satellite, cable and content
industries brings invaluable experience to Angel," said Marc Arnold, Chairman and CEO, Angel Technologies. "The addition of his full-time attention to work with vendors, investors and customers is an exciting step forward for the company. We welcome him aboard."

"I've been associated with a wide range of wireless communication startup ventures. Angel Technologies is the most exciting I've seen in my lifetime," Mr. Kerstein added. "The technology Angel is offering captures the benefits of satellites and terrestrial systems, but at a fraction of the cost and risk. Once implemented, the price/performance, ease of deployment and ubiquitous coverage offered by Angel's HALO Network will offer service providers a cost effective wireless infrastructure that will enable rapid deployment of the latest technology at any point in time," he concluded.

Kerstein also spent several years with Arthur Young and Company as a Senior staff auditor. Kerstein is a CPA and cum laude graduate of California State University, and a member of the American Institute of CPAs and the California Society of CPAs.

Angel Technologies Corp. and its corporate strategic partners, Endgate Corp., Scaled Composites, Scaled Technology Works and Wyman-Gordon Company, are developing the HALO Network, a large capacity wireless communications network to provide broadband communications services over an area encompassing a typical large metropolitan area.

The HALO Network will enable individual consumers and businesses to send and receive data at multi-megabit-per-second rates. The Network will be replicated over metropolitan centers throughout the world.

The company's network utilize HALO (High Altitude Long Operation) aircraft to provide the commercial telecommunication industry with a reliable alternative infrastructure that can be deployed instantly, even when terrestrial infrastructure is missing or incomplete. The first HALO aircraft is nearing completion and is expected to fly during Summer, 1998.

Applications that will benefit most from the availability of airborne deployment will be new broadband data services in developed countries and wireless telephony services in the developing world.

As a piloted jet powered aircraft, HALO Aircraft will operate above adverse weather and traffic while carrying communications payloads weighing up to 1800 lb. and consuming 40 kW DC power. Operations can be conducted from normal regional airports without the need for special ground handling equipment. Several HALO aircraft operating in shifts will deliver
uninterrupted service.

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